About Me

The Analyst. Sounds like a fairly conceited title to give to your first blog. But it’s more of a reflection of where I want to go than where I’m at now. I want to smash the news and current affairs open, deconstruct it all and draw out the overarching threads which connect the news together in a tapestry that reveals the way the world works. This is the art of analysis – extrapolating from simple news stories the bigger picture of everything – and I want to master it.

My name is Matteo Gagliardi and I am aspiring to become a journalist to achieve this very goal.

Here in this blog, you can learn a bit about me (and my thoughts). As you will be able to see, I am passionate about philosophy, politics, science, society and culture. I have degrees in Journalism and International Relations, and now am looking to build upon that to launch into a career in communications. Feel free to browse through my blog, or check out other work I’ve had published.

Thanks for visiting!

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