Poetry: The Cosmic Conception of Life

For this week’s Writing Challenge, I thought I’d try my hand at poetry. 

Amongst the billions and billions of stars,

Only one withholds life,

For, in between its Venus and Mars,

The Sun beholds Earth.

Out of the vast array of celestial champions,

That entitle home to time and space,

For grounds we have yet to tread on,

Only Sol has cut to the chase.

The Great Star chose to dabble its divine Life giving power,

In Earth’s soon-to-be vibrant springs,

And Terra was more than happy to allow Her,

To anoint Life into its indebted things.

Helios, crowned with the shining aureole of the Sun,

Desired to bathe in Gaia’s waters,

Then on His chariot, He rode aloft the atmospheric rungs,

‘Til he reached His heavenly quarters.

On Earth, like on no other astronomical being,

Life rules supreme, rich in vitality,

From the smallest Cell to cognisant Human, we are seeing

That which is closest to Immortality.

Life owes its lucky existence to the wonderful association,

Between the Sun and the Earth,

So we owe their insistence together a godly appreciation,

For they conceived Life’s birth.

Thus it was the meticulous detail held by Earth, Life’s mother,

That fashioned its structure and form,

And from the blazing splendour possessed by Sun, Life’s father,

Life’s soul and essence was then spawned.

Like from all parents, Life inherited something from Sol:

The senses which set it aflame,

And these we understand collaborate to form Life’s Soul,

Which can relate with its father by name.

Within this Soul, Life’s father implanted a present,

Its ability to feel Love,

For Love invokes the feelings most pleasant,

And flaming passions that derive thereof.

Hence, just as the stars vastly amass the skies,

Souls speck Life here on Earth,

And Life’s conception sees a celebratory reprise:

Each soul finds in another its own true birth.

For the gift of Love is ubiquitous in every soul,

And its activation is a soul’s true aim,

It brings forth that soul’s attachment, almost whole,

For the one who flickers its Loving flame.

So embrace the gift implanted by the Sun,

And appreciate Life’s conception,

By loving and caring for that very one

Who endows your soul the best reception.

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